Let the bullets fly and strike me down when I spread my wings wide to flyLet them knock me over and beat my body till I bleed when I move towards my goal Let death take me but life never leave me when my body hits the floor after my last breath has left me … Continue reading Breakdown


The Deep Blue Sea

The deep blue sea Filled with fishes and coral Filled with monuments immortal Filled with adventure and treasure Ah the deep blue yonder So filled with wonder are yee Ah the deep blue yonder So full of mystery Ah yes, the water so blue Filled with fishes in schools Filled with wonder and mystery Oh … Continue reading The Deep Blue Sea

Dragon 🐉 

From blackened ash and burning debris Rises a dragon from a world once free A massive creature of strength and power Embodying devastation, destruction, and power unmatched The dragon rears its head back and with a roar takes flight Leaping through the air breathing fire, hot white It fillies through the night, the moonlight shining … Continue reading Dragon 🐉 

Fight Club

Fight Club I hit you with my right hook You got me with your jab Knee to the gut Fist to the face Crunching bones And tearing flesh, Burning bodies And battered heads  The pain of fighting, this pain is igniting, A fire inside me, forged from lightning This pain is nothing to me All … Continue reading Fight Club

We Are Who We Are, Poets

We Are Who We Are, Poets We We are people We are a people We are of people We are the people We matter We are We will be We will remain The very Union of the letters "w" and "e" tells the story of you and of me.  A story of unity and community.  … Continue reading We Are Who We Are, Poets

The Good and The Bad

A quote that really inspires and motivates me when I wake up in the morning to the time I fall into the depths of slumber is by Brene Brown. I spent a lot of years trying to outrun or outsmart vulnerability by making things certain and definite, black and white, good and bad. My inability … Continue reading The Good and The Bad

Loss of Innocence

"Hey, can you give me your two cents?" "Two cents? What are thooose!" And this is what I mean by our day and age, not having any sense of their own Living in the mainstream, looking at their sub stream on YouTube Watching videos and seeing memes Living in that mainstream Forgetting what used to … Continue reading Loss of Innocence

I Would Die For You 💀 

I Would Die For You 💀  When I say I love you Do not take it lightly For when I say I love you And I only say it to few I mean to say That my love is so great for you It would bring me to death And when I say I love … Continue reading I Would Die For You 💀 

I Am Hope

 Methodically twisting Bones are shifting Every move that I make Every time that I spin I can feel bones shifting My methodology twisting My being resisting existence As if contemplating the distance beteeen me and the ground Between life and death As if my body yearns to feel the concrete beneath it As if my … Continue reading I Am Hope

Escalating Problems

Escalating problems like Escalator problems The problems go up And we keep going down How can you fight against escalating problems You stand and stop and look all around Noticing that the pain isn't so much now You can feel more than before, Most of it you ignore... Because, escalating problems are never gone They … Continue reading Escalating Problems